That had to have been the most laid back night out ive ever had.


I didnt get into a fight, i didnt get kicked out and have to find another pub, hell i didnt even really spend that much cash. You bastards should have told me there was another type of drinking years ago!!

Although, having said that, stuart didnt teach me a thing about pacing myself. He at least maintaned his decorum until the dancefloor incident. then the beer garden incident. then the going straight from drinking to work basically…

And now for something COMPLETELY different…


I saw that and thought of you doyle…

2 Responses to “Well wasn’t that fun?”

  1. Ben, looking to me for responsible drinking tips is possibly the last mistake you’ll ever make.

    Still, I don’t think my track record is yet as bad as yours, in terms of sheer destruction. For everyone else reading out there who doesn’t know us personally, Ben used to be in the army. In the great tradition of our fighting forces, they would regularly go out and consume their body weight in alcohol before hitting the person nearest to them. Ben was genuinely mystified that we didn’t all get a skinful and start beating up random strangers. As far as he was concerned, that’s just how you rolled when you went out. I’m not being funny. He was seriously suprised we weren’t in a fight.

  2. I’ve been trying to tell you to come out we us for yonks. You’ve been missing out my friend…. and yes. One of us did get served.

    You mumma… a whole plate load of my cock.


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