Oh man, please seat me at a booth, I know I’m by myself but I just want some space today.

Damn. On the train line. Well, as long as someone doesn’t sit in one of the seats right next to…

Oh come on, really? There’s so many other seats you’re just going to… forget it.

All right, what should I get?

What? Oh some green tea please.

Now what should I..

What? Oh no, nothing from the menu, I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Or am I? Nothing left to do this afternoon. I could sit here for hours, just watching the salmon rolls circle around and around.

Maybe I should actually order som… oh, he’s gone. Oh well.

Ooh, one of those ones with the chicken, I’ll grab that.

Okay, this is a red plate so that’s… 5 bucks? Jesus, do they hand raise the chickens?

Man, I’ve got to be more choosy. At this rate I’ll rack up a 40 dollar lunch bill.

Oh nice, they do BBQ pork buns here? I’m getting them. How much are they? 4.50? Eh, I’ve got to get them. They’re delicious.

Man, I’d better get something with seafood on it. It’s such a dumb westerner thing to do to come to a sushi train and not get any actual sushi.

Oh man, I hope one of those ones with the scallops on it comes around this time. I love those. They never seem to have it ready.

Man, where’s my green tea? I’ll be finished at this rate before they bring it.

Oh, I should get that one, it looks interesting. Wait, do I want to take a gamble? I don’t want to spend too much. Oh well, it’s past now.

Jennifer always loved coming to these things.

Man, I can work chopsticks, but they always seem to package these thing so that it’s just larger than a mouthful.

Ah shit, I dropped it. Damn.

Wait, did I get some on my shirt? Damn it, this is my good shirt. The one I wear to meetings.

Does Japanese mayonnaise leave a stain? Is that a thing?

Oh nice, a prawn one, I’ll get that and…

Wait, is that cucumber or avocado?

DAMN IT, it’s avocado.

When did they start putting avocado in every second roll at these places?

Does Big Avocado have a stranglehold on the sushi and salad-bar industry?

Jen loved avocado. I used to give her mine.

OH DAMN that pork bun is hot. Shit.

Breathe in and out, cool it down. Damn I can feel my tongue burning.

Shit, is there any water? No, of course not. Damn it, just force it down, it’ll be fine.

Gah, there. Shit, that was silly.

At the very least I need a cool salmon roll to soothe my tongue.

Of course I can’t see one, we’re on the desert section of the train.

Does anyone ever eat these things, or do they just sit there all day, then they take them off at night, only to put them back on again the next day.

Day after day, not getting picked, just circling the same track over and over, until they pass their expiry and get thrown out.

Of course that does mean they don’t get eaten, I guess.

Oh nice, a salmon roll. Yoik.

Ah shit, avocado.

Oh well, I’ve taken it off, can’t put it back now.

Be decisive. Own your decisions. Eat your hastily picked sushi.


All right, I’m just going to leave that one.

Any sign of the one with the scallops? Nope, not even close. Plenty of tuna rolls and those chicken things. Not really what I wanted.

All right, time for the bill.

Hello yes, can I get the.. what? Oh, my green tea. No, look I’ve finished now so I just…

You’re still going to put it on the bill, huh?

I see.

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