“I say Mrs White, it seems there’s be a lot of homicide around here lately.”

“Homicide? Whatever are you talking about?”

“Well Colonel Mustard slaughtered that poor soul with a candle stick last week.”


“…and Professor Plum disembowelled another a few days prior with a dagger in the Lounge.”

“It was hardly disembowelled as much as a light stabbing Mrs Peacock.”

“And only that same morning Miss Scarlett had hung another from the rafters of the Ballroom.”

“I’ll never understand how someone as small as her was able to hoist him up there to be truthful.”

“You don’t see a pattern here of people brutally having their lives taken?”

“Well Reverend Green shot that man clean through the head with a pistol in the Kitchen. I wouldn’t really class that as brutal.”

“No, no. I suppose you’re right on that. You did bludgeon the cook with the lead piping in the kitchen though Mrs White.”

“He burned the scones. It was the second time this week. You yourself said you would have done it too if you’d hadn’t had a Bex and a lie down.”

“Mrs White! Hush your tongue. I would never do such a thing. That mess took hours to clean up, especially since we butchered the maid the night before. No, no. I would have killed the dickens in a more delicate manner. That way we could just drag him through the conservatory and out into the mass grave.”

“What about that time you thrashed that man’s skull with the spanner? I still have stains on my favourite hat you know Mrs Peacock. Don’t pretend you are above such violence.”

“I was younger then. Oh well, I guess it’s time to go see to that stable boy waiting in the Library. My favourite filly broke her leg due to a shoddy shoe.”

“The monster. Show no mercy now.”

“Never Mrs White. Never.”

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