Hey guys, I just wanted to share 3 things…

#1 : I just saw Logan’s Run this morning on fox classics and it was one of the few movies from my childhood that I actually can watch as an adult and still enjoy as much as I did as a child. Probably because I actually understood the concept they were putting across back then…

#2 : Also watched planet of the apes shortly after and have to admit that right at the end when Charleton Heston sees the statue of liberty and states,

“…you maniacs you finally did it, you blew it up, damn you, damn you all to hell!”

instead of remembering the whole point that charleton is actually trying to put across, that if mankind doesnt keep itself and it’s weapons in check we shall destroy all we hold dear, I cant help but remember the episode where Homer Simpson said it…
It literally ruins the whole seriousness of the whole movie and made me laugh… hehe, Homer funny…

#3 : I finally finished painting my bike today… W007!!!1!! 1 4M 50 1337 R16HT N0W!!!1!!!1!

all done!

4 Responses to “hehe, classics…”

  1. My mum was going to wach Logan’s Run as well…. you watched the same movie my mum wanted too. My mum… your sick.

  2. i can’t believe other people remember that movie.
    i was just comparing that classic to the story in The Island and no one had any idea what i was talking about.

  3. Google, how about polishing your geography before trying too hard? Your Google Places keeps rejecting my store listing saying that Wellington Point, Queensland in not in Australia. "Wrong Country listed" your platform tells me. News flash, America, there's more than one Wellington on the face of the Earth.So before acting like God, how about cross-referecing with your internal systems, first? Maps seem to get it right.

  4. Good for him and standing up for himself. He's a man's man. Real men stand by their truly held beliefs and don't get shouted or bullied down.

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