… that Nikola Tesla would be a topic of one of my rants. I mean i love the guy. Not in a homosexual-necrophillic* way. But I love the fact that he invented some of the most insanely awesome Doo-dads ever. Like a 1HP motor, driven by water and a flat disc, that could fit into your hand. And FREE ELECTRICITY mined from the air around us and wirelessly harnessable from a tower that could be fitted to your house…

Of course he was spurned by everyone in his time, called a crackpot and a loon, even his employer Thomas Edison for advocating the benefits of AC current. Because as they all knew at the time “DC current is the safest form of electricity and is the way of the future…”

Riiiiiight, tell that to anyone thats been zapped with DC Mr. Ed…
Anyway, i stumbled across this vehicle online, which bears the Tesla branding. Being an electric car capable of performance on par [if not better than] most sports cars of today in its weight class, I was determined to look around the net for corroborating info to back this website up. My scepticism was based on the fact that lots of people seem to cash in on Nikola Teslas “crazy” and “impossible” ideas to explain such things as UFO’s and crop circles…

In my search, it turns out its real. An 80k dollar production vehicle with 0ppm emissions due to it running purely on 3 phase 4 pole AC current. Before you crack a fat over the 0 emissions Doyle, you gotta remember where the electricity comes from. thats right, coal fired plants. So its not a true 0 emissions vehicle until someone starts making Tesla hanessing towers all over the place to provide us with electricity…

As i continued my search I stumbled across this article. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor as it was as if someone had jammed a straw into my brain and sucked the thoughts out then written an article based on the rantings that go on inside my head…
So thats what my thoughts sound like when my racist/xenophobic tendencies arent brought up. Seems to sound a lot more credible than the way my rants normally end up. Maybe i should start minim…… nah, fuck it…

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  1. * – i know thats gonna give us hits from some WEIRD searches lol, but i dont give a fuck… better than the way i was originally gonna end the rant…

  2. I say bring on the weird searches.

  3. That article you linked to… is that seriously real? It’s not, like, a parody of leftists? “Zomg the corporations”? I honestly don’t know. Hold me.

    corporate greed eats innovation like so many CornNuts

    What the hell? Whoever markets this invention best is going to make an absolute bucketload. The motivation for innovation is greed, and everything good in the world is a result of it, from the fridge to the iPod.

    As for free electricity plucked from the air, the man who engineers this in such a way that it works deserves every cent he earns. And the CEO of the company that markets and funds it will deserve that billion-dollar paycheck.

    The only hindrance to innovation comes, not from corporations, but from the governments that regulate them. The fact that the power industry is so heavily regulated (even state-run) explains why, to quote that article, “we are… straining like mad to produce [electricity] in sufficient amounts”. As soon as the companies are free to set their prices high enough to reflect market demand, will people use it less (or more competitors will enter the market, thereby increasing supply, to cash in on the higher prices). Only then, when market demand for cheaper power exists, will entreprenuers seriously look for alternatives.

    It is only when governments subsidise mediocrity (by capping prices or, for example, as the Queensland state government does, subsidising fuel prices) that competitors are prevented from entering the market.

    I’m assuming you endorse that article. Eye for an eye, rant for a rant. Sorry pal.

  4. Ahhhhh Free Market Theorist….. I’ve come across your kind before 🙂

  5. Careful, pal, we’ll walk over corpses for a profit!!!

  6. I’m not sure why I’m using “pal” today, I think it’s a passing fad. Tomorrow you can be capt’n.

  7. Can I be first mate?

  8. No, everyone is capt’n.

  9. Wait, WHOA, hold on!

    WordPress has emoticons?

    Also, in hindsight, it would have been funnier if I’d said “we’ll have sex with corpses for a profit” because it would have catered toward those weird searchers.

  10. Your mum has emoticons.

  11. That’s what SHE said!

    What were we talking about again?

  12. something about me being a wackjob leftist…

  13. That’s what SHE said!

    Heh. I think I’m getting the hang of this.

  14. Your mum is getting the hang of this.

    Geeze these comments just write themselves.

  15. Ha! That’s what SHE s…ah. Ugh. Oh, I think that last one did it. I’m bleeding.

  16. Your mum’s bleeding… or at least she will be when I’m done with her.

    I hate myself.

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