… for you see the United States has deemed that file sharing and piracy are the work of terrorism. Be it by undermining the financial stability of america by thieving its intellectual property, or physically selling pirated materials. And the US claims that these pirates are ”

Organized, violent, international criminal groups” and they claim that they will start handing out 33-month sentences to anyone caught stealing intellectual property. Thats right. ANYONE. So now the US federal governent have jurisdiction GLOBALLY apparently???

So thats right boys, for every song, every movie, every image we dowload off the Intertron, we are supporting Bin-Laden and his band of merry men. And now that the US congress want to be able to detain and arrest people internationally. Sounds to me like the owners of said intellectual property got their knickers in a twist and asked their old texan imbecile mate, G.W. Bush to make piracy an act of terrorism in an attempt to limit the amount of money they dont make each year…

Notice how i didnt say “lose” in that last sentence? I mean look at how much money the organisations that sell these products make each year. Piracy obviously isnt really affecting them much…

7 Responses to “We are all terrorists, lock your doors and make a tinfoil hat…”

  1. And John Howard will be the first one to line up and have his mouth violated by Georgie’s cock, while sending Australian citizens off to be detained by another nation’s laws.

    I’m starting to think Bruce was right… old Bruce… old apocalyptic Bruce.

  2. Ben hates the US, and Doyle makes it about Howard. All pretty standard. I’m dissappointed there wasn’t something about the zionist conspiracy, or even the fleet of reptiloid attack ships orbiting earth. Oh well.

  3. Heh…. I made my answer so generically Doyle I was so sure you were gonna call me on it.

    Admittedly, I stand behind the remark.

  4. Camille says:

    I’ve noticed a recurrent Howard theme in your responses too, Doyle. I hardly ever talk to you and I know what political topics to avoid when I speak to you…
    Thanks, internet forums. You’ve helped me avoid awkward silences once again *big cheesy grin*

  5. I think the hard and fast rule is, if you avoid mentioning internet forums in actual conversations, you’ll avoid awkward silences.

  6. Also, Ben, do you have a link to an article where you might have read this? It’s just that, without some source to back this up, you’re kind of the blog equivalent of that crazy man on the street corner who thinks toasters are our evil overlords.

  7. Fuck! I never did trust those little fuckers. I mean you put in bread, you take out toast. What kind of chicanery is that???

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