Well, at first it was just annoying and inconvenient. But now, I get pulled over EVERY time a police car passes me, drives next to or passes me [maximum of once a day] for assorted bullshit reasons. Random breath test, licence checks, rego checks. Sometimes they even demand the licences of the passengers in my car…


Last night was the last straw. I was driving Yongas home. I was stopped at the Wecker Rd intersection outside bunnings waiting for my light to change. Just as the other light started to go amber a police car was pulling up to those lights and had to stop. I thought to myself, “Heh, bastards wont be pulling me over tonight unless they run a red…” so I calmly proceeded through the lights turning right then taking the left leading me towards the Mt Gravatt shops near my place. Just as I got to the ‘turn left at any time’ sign I saw the blue and reds accompanied by a siren and looking in my rear-view I saw and heard the police doing a burnout u-turn. I KNEW they were going to be pulling me over so I just pulled over and got out of the car.

I was outside, leaning on my car and waiting for them by the time they pulled in behind me and as both female officers exited their vehicles i saw them both un-button their pistol belts and shout “PLEASE SIR STAY IN THE VEHICLE!! THERE S NO NEED TO HAVE EXITED THE VEICLE” which I thought was a completely unnecessary escalation of force. I informed them instantly that I did not have my licence on me as I was dropping Peter home and forgot to grab my wallet. I then asked why I was pulled over and I was told “random breath test” by one, which was bullshit because if they had merely targetted my vehicle for a random breath test, they would have had the breathaliser ready like they normally do instead of having to go back to the car and get it.

I blew 0% and they then asked me for my licence. I asked “… are you fuckin serious?? i just told you I dont have it on me, I live up the street if you want to follow me or drive me.” and instead the blonde one pulled out her notepad. So I instantly rattled off my name, D.O.B and licence number [I bet she doesnt get many ppl remeber THAT number…] and informed them that my mother is the registered owner of the vehicle. She went back to the car to check off the details while the short black haired one made sure I didn’t, i dont know, pull a shotgun out and do a GTA on their asses. I had had enough with the constant harrasment and asked,

“so why the hell does every police officer have to pull me over whenever they see me? Am i flagged in the system or something? Did I rob a bank in my sleep or something because I’m fuckin sick of this shit…”

Her response was “ummm, sir this was a random breath test and…”

“So was every single other time. Or a licence check, or some other bullshit excuse. Just tell me the real reason the computer says to pull me over…”

“ummm, sir, errr, the computer, ummmm, this was a random breath test” as she desperately glanced towards her partner…

A few moments later her partner emerged saying was free to go and i said “thanks for nothing. good work on making the streets safer… for fucks sake…” and off i went…

Now, I know i was a smartass in the end. But i have been getting pulled over for following the road rules and shit. Fair enough when I was a complete hoon and was always speeding, but i never got pulled over back then. Now its really getting beyond a joke. I mean im even getting pulled over by paddywagons and dogsquad cars. They aren’t allowed to pull you over for traffic violations. They only pull over people who are flagged like parole violators, violent criminals, stolen cars, reckless drivers, etc…

I’m going to write a letter to my local MP and complain Because this is bullshit and I wont stand for it…

7 Responses to “Police Harrasment”

  1. If you write, try not to swear. They tend to throw those ones out.

  2. I’d love to know what they’ve got in the database on you. There’s no way this many pullovers by the police is a coincidence. Something is popping up next to your name that’s making these officer’s eyes light up and flick the lights immediately. It’s a doozy.

    You did hide those bodies, right?

  3. How would they know to pull you over? Do they type each rego number they see into a computer?

    They must hate their job.

  4. they would be given vehicles to lookout for, ie my car would be described as;

    Red VN commodore, faded paint, 1 working tail light and a dent in the rear right quarter panel…

    pretty easy to spot…

  5. Maybe it’s the one working tail light.

  6. Maybe it’s your “I HATE COPS” bumper sticker.

  7. Maybe it’s the black man you’re dragging behind the car.

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