Well, this was originally being typed by bruce but doyle told bruce he smells and now im typing…

Anyway, I bought myself a PC graphics tablet and doyle and bruce came over so we were fucking around with it. I pissed dino off making a creepy pic of mick [I had to delete it =(] then we made this picture of peter


After we pissed ourselves laughing we decided to try and make some other pics like stuart with boobs and something with Jacqui but my skills in photopaint are extremely lacking, so lucky stuart. 8008135

One cool feature of the tablet is the ability to use handwriting recognition in MS Word. Unfortunately it is completely useless. We first wrote this blog post on the tablet. This was the result:

Well I bough. A graphic: f tab it and Iv e never laughed so Mie:’ h 1am writing this using MS word with handwriting recognition on and there is ho way. I to – write full stops well not on purpose f me doyle and Bruce were playing with it tonight and I nearly passed myself writing this S It way c C damn no brackets lot ony off in.

Lets givethis anofhe try . 1 – Some of us Went o up to the park today for a BBQ – was pretty, nice. C subsequently 1 we wert to Jace J amyls place and watched K weddings and a funeral. Qui- te an enjoyable day all round, really ) now at Ben’s place S.. . I

As you can see it’s not exactly the best feature for everyday use.

We went back to having some fun in Paint

This is now Bruce typing, cause Doyle has a “headache”. I reckon that it’s just an excuse. He’s just a lazy, lazy man. Doyle started with paint and he drew that thing:


Above: This is my picture of a gun-toting angel from hell. Yes that is supposed to be a gun. What? You don’t think it looks anything like a gun? Well screw you, buddy. Like to see you do better (sobs). Cunt. – Click to enlarge penis image.

P.S. How did the pirate get to the cinema?
In his carrrrrrrgh.

7 Responses to “Graphics tablets roxor the boxorz”

  1. There wasn’t by any chance alcohol involved in this post at all guys?

  2. No. No alcohol.

    I wanted to write a post as a group. I kind of semi-humourous blog about our antics with the graphics tablet. Let’s just say it didn’t work. We can’t work creatively together in an effective manner. It just ends up to be one person writing huge chunks of text.

    Meh… my angel could kick your arse any day bitch!

  3. …drugs, then?

  4. We’re high on life.

  5. hay guyz I bough a lablet :two!

  6. Henry Wadsworth says:

    As you can see, the handwriting recognition is working perfectly fine for him.

  7. Yeah, he talks like that in person too. He’s the only guy I know who can pronounce a colon.

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