Originally posted 4th November 2005.

Hi This is my first blog here just thought I’d tell the world that I have beautiful thighs. I am especially proud of my left inner thigh. I enjoy the way I chafes slightly when I walk and if you listen close, real close you can hear a slight “swooshing” (no pants required).

Occasionally I like to rub sorbeline cream deep into my left inner thigh to revitalize and lubricate its supple flesh. I don’t do much to my right inner thigh however; I don’t care for it really. I am still bitter at it for marrying the girl I had a crush on since an early age. Our relationship started out fine but it got awkward when they started dating, then it got down right uncomfortable when they started to get intimate on a regular basis in my pants. We have resolved our differences now and simply due to the fact that it is a thigh we have come to an understanding. I wish I could say I loved both my thighs equally but my right one has history and that history will never truly go away.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if humanity evolved opposable thighs. Could you imagine the different uses we could have for them. I know I would be writing this blog with my thighs right now if they were opposable. Think of the uses for them:
– Using a spoon and eating
– Driving a car
– A Martial Art: ‘Way of The Thigh”
– Painting
– Operating a Mobile phone
– Masterbating

The uses are simply endless!

If anyone of you out there is also a thigh enthusiast please contact me at: thighlover56@hotmail.com and we can talk about the beauty and various uses of our most precious god-given appendage.

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