Greetings, fellow space-cadets.

I feel it necessary to share with all of you the marvel of the product that I found this morning at my local convenience store.

Yes, you read correctly, they are Chinese wafer-tube-biscuits called “Gookie”.

In case you missed the brand on the (already amusing) aforementioned packaging:
Hot Kid

I think I speak for most of the global English-speaking marketplace when I exclaim in self-righteous indignation, “What the crap were they thinking? Was the marketing manager of this company on crack, or just criminally insane!?”

I will leave that up to you, dear Reader, to decide.

(they were delicious, by the way)

4 Responses to “Another Possibly Amusing Image”

  1. You’ll have to let me know where to get some Gookie Hot-Kids.

  2. Well…. he is wearing suspenders with blue underwear… that’s pretty hot.

  3. Doyle, have you been holding out on me? Do YOU have a supply of Hot-Kids? If that’s the case, Bruce can bring his supply of Asian Boys and we’ll have a party.

  4. The best damn party this town has ever saw?

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